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Seba – the Master of Drum and Pads • Interview 037

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Sebastian Ahrenberg aka Seba has been enriching the Drum&Bass music scene for more than twenty years now and he has made a significant contribution to the musical innovation, especially when it concerns playing and experimenting with atmospheres. His energetic and dreamy productions of unbelievably high quality have been making their way to the most renowned labels for a long time. From having multiple releases on LTJ Bukem’s ground-breaking label Good Looking Records to the legendary Metalheadz label, he can be found somewhere in almost all the catalogues of the renowned labels. In 2002 he founded his own label Secret Operations which is characterized by a conglomerate of timeless, breaky and atmospheric and somehow emotionally captivating Drum & Bass in its pure form. By combining all of these variations he has developed a very characteristic, unique style over the years.

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