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The Membrain-Festival in Croatia – a ray of hope for the festival summer

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How much were we looking forward to summer 2020? What hadn’t we already planned? Until due to … well, you know—almost all festivals have been canceled. But there is a glimmer of hope on the underground: the Membrain Festival.

In the south of Croatia, the Membrain-crew is organizing a slimmed-down and pandemic-friendly edition of their festival. Instead of the originally planned four days, there are only two. The number of crew, artists and guests have been minimized. Security measures are taken. It’s a try to celebrate responsibly despite Covid-19.

And the stars seem to be aligned in favor: The Membrain Festival takes place in Martinska, and is therefore outside the urban areas of Šibenik. There is enough space for physical distancing: the area is significantly larger than people attend the festival. And: it is an outdoor event. Furthermore the festival also takes additional hygiene measures.

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